SEO is not as advertising but can still be expensive. There are a lot of time when you are short on money and cannot ask an agency to help you out. There are many ways you can help your rankings with simple do it yourself tips.


Master keyword research

It is always a good idea to start off with the right keyword search. Try to understand the industry jargons and try to make full use of it. Keyword research provides an understanding of what phrases and words will customer look for to find the product or services. It also helps to create demand for them. The best keyword tools offer a quantitative demand which can help determine the right score with a relative value which can help you target the keyword theme much better.

Understand you competition

Search for some of the most important keywords which can allows you to offer some prominent websites. These are your rivals, try to study them and have a look at their content and understand what they are doing differently which makes them rank higher. This review can also help set the right standard for your own website.


Plan your site

Now that you have the basic understanding of what the customers want. Try to understand the product and services which can help identify pages on your website. Start by having a plan on how these keywords can be formed into the architecture of website. Try to use medium priority words which are relative. Also, use long tail keyword themes which can take much longer but can get you more specifics.


Optimize your site

Another to create the pages can be a little difficult to understand. Depending on the platform you may need help from other developers and designers. Today the websites have to be mobile responsive to grow. This is due to the fact that most of the search that happens are done on mobile phone. This makes the whole user experience much more seamless and engaging. This is one place where you might actually need outside help. If you are looking for an agency, SEO sunshine coast can help you, that too, for an affordable price.

Produce regular content

Publishing your own content and try to be regular. This consistency can make you the first choice to many people. Also, with the content it is better that you post pictures which can add a little bit of visual appeal to the whole blog.


Public Relations

Another major component of SEO is the link authority but purchasing link is forbidden in Google. Try to opt for outreach and PR coordination as this can validate your efforts and also help you build a very compelling website which can help your audience look for you.