The easiest way to download iOS beta to your device

ios beta download

The latest iOS beta download for iPhone and iPad devices were first released as a developers only version of the software. However, soon after that, the Public Beta download came under the spotlight, since it’s more appropriate for non-developers. Both iOS beta downloads are a part of iOS 11 beta firmware, which should continue the ascending trend of iOS innovations started in 2010.

Although the beta version of iOS comes with the bugs and problems that may cause the malfunction of your device, it still gives you the complete iOS experience. In case you wonder what’s the easiest way to download iOS beta, we’re bringing you the information you need.

Things to know before you download iOS beta

What do you need to know before you download iOS beta on your device? In case you already have iOS 11 beta, or at least the older version of the software, you should receive an automatic iOS 11 beta 3 update. There are two types of iOS beta download available: a developers version, iOS 11 beta 3 and iOS 11 Public Beta 2. Both of them are meant for a device running on iOS, except that iOS beta 3 version for developers comes with different type of bugs, features, and problems than the public beta 2 version of the software.

The iOS 11 beta 3 can be downloaded from developers account. The great news about this one is that it offers a stable beta build for iOS devices. On the other hand, iOS 11 Public Beta 2 is configured to address the needs of users that are non-developers. That means it comes with different set of issues and bugs than the developer’s version, but it’s still a beta build. That means it’s not a final version, so don’t expect that everything will be running smoothly.

Now that you know the fundamental differences between iOS 11 beta 3 and iOS 11 Public Beta 2 versions, it’s time to download iOS beta for your device!

iOS beta download guide

If you’re downloading iOS beta for developers, here’s what you need to do.

Step #1

Take a backup of your device, especially if it runs on an older version of iOS beta software.

Step #2

Your battery should be charged at least 60% because downloading and installing will take some time. Also, check out your storage, as you will need at least 2 GB of memory.

Step #3

Download iOS beta developers version and load it. Enter the passcode to open the management profile.

Step #4

Restart the device. After that, all you need to do is to go to the Settings and track the Software Updates. Hit the download button, and the installation will soon begin.

ios beta downloadIf you don’t want to bother with developers version, here’s how can you download iOS beta for non-developers.

Step #1

After you take a backup on your device, check the storage space, the internet connection, and the battery level before you download iOS 11 Public Beta 2.

Step #2

Sign up for iOS 11 non-developers beta version using your iCloud account.

Step #3

Install iOS 11 Public Beta 2 on your phone.

Step #4

Don’t forget to restart your phone or iPad!