Effective Ways to Learn Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft released in September 2015.This was a desktop version but more recently Microsoft has released Office Mobile which is a free to use version of Office applications specifically for mobile devices.

It is possible to subscribe to Office 365 which will allow the latest Office 2016 applications on up to 5 PC’s or Mac’s. With this you also get exclusive upgrades and Cloud Storage for up to 5 users. This will mean that whilst you continue to be subscribed you will never have to buy and install a later version of Microsoft Office as yours will be automatically updated.

If you have decided to upgrade or even if you are new to Office you can download Microsoft Office 2016 from Software Keep.

Once you have this installed it is time to investigate and learn how to use some of the cool new features.

  • New and updated sharing through Outlook or Cloud.
  • Reviewing and linking back to other documents previously edited.
  • You can use Microsoft 2016 across all your devices.
  • Tell me is a new command that will give detailed guidance on how to use commands
  • Smart Lookup is included powered by Bing
  • Use one click forecasting to turn historical data into trend analysis.
  • One Drive Cloud Storage enables easy switching between devices.

So interested but feeling a little unsure about having to learn how to use the new applications?

Don’t worry there are many tutorials on the web that will guide you through the process.

Microsoft Training Center

This is obviously one of the best places to start. You can look up a preview and make notes if you are upgrading if any of the new features may affect data on your older version.

The Microsoft training centre will give you information on finding on line or in person courses, help you if you wish to take a Microsoft certification course or even register for an exam.

Tell me Box

This is an extended help functionality which works very well. When you type in what you want to do ,a drop down menu  appears featuring all the instructions .It is located by the View tab and is a great way to learn the new features of Microsoft Office 2016 and how to use them.

On line courses.

There are many reputable on line courses that are offered which will assist in learning how to use 2016 Office.

A few of these are listed below. Remember though you must first download Microsoft Office 2016 from Software Keep.

  • Learning Office

This on Line Company offers 15 courses on Microsoft 2016 and Windows 10 .These are available in many different languages.

Students can choose from a traditional classroom setting or sign up for a Microsoft Course on Demand. These courses are accredited by Microsoft and presented by Microsoft Certified Trainers. Learning is at your own pace.

  • Udemy

This is an on line program that offers courses in Office 2106. They cover the new features in Excel, documents, Power Point presentations and Data Base access. They offer courses designed for beginners or advanced .They also breakdown courses in just one of the Office Suite. i.e., Excel or Word.

Download the Microsoft Office 2016 from Software Keep any time, any place. If you are familiar with Office there is not too many changes .If however you would like a bit more instruction contact one of the many on line courses.