Is it Safe to Keep Your Important Docs on Desktop? We Take a Look

The important docs that we prepare on our computer are supposed to be kept in a particular folder so that we can easily access those docs anytime we want. The problem that regular users face most of the times is that they face difficulties in finding the docs while they are in an emergency. In this situation, the only thing that comes to their mind is that they should keep some documents on the desktop that they use regularly.

Thus, they do not face any problem while searching for different documents. But it doesn’t only make things easier for the owner of the computer but for the hackers as well because all they need to do is to gain access to a computer and then the entire information will be available in front of them. So, keeping the important docs on the desktop isn’t considered to be an ideal way of saving your documents.

But the problem is that you have to waste a lot of time while searching for these documents. So, let’s take a look at some information about whether you should keep your important docs on the desktop or not.

Password protection on the computer

If your computer is in an office, you can protect it by applying a complicated password to your computer. Make sure that you do not share this password with anyone so that nobody can access your important data. This isn’t a very secure way of protecting your data but it still makes you feel satisfied that nobody would be able to access your personal data unless they find out the password.

However, there are some computer experts that can easily break your password by getting into your system’s settings. So, you should also find some ways to protect your computer from these experts.

Desktop data security apps

The desktop data security apps are strong enough to protect your computer from all types of malware attacks. And they won’t let anyone access your personal data. There are some apps that use two-step password system and there are others that work with the fingerprint scanner. So, you can easily choose the best app for your desktop data security.

File protection

The files that you save on your desktop can also be protected with the help of some apps. However, operating these apps can be a little bit complicated. So, you must carefully find the apps that you can operate easily otherwise, you’d lose your files completely if you could not learn to use the apps properly.