Resources to build a mobile phone tracking app for beginners

Mobile phones are the most important part of our life. We have seen an enormous growth in the mobile phone market over the past few years and the market is growing every day. This growth has brought lots of benefits to us but there are some problems that many people are facing every day. Mobile snatching is one of the most common problems and another major problem is that people forget their mobile somewhere and then fail to find it.

Creating a mobile phone tracking app is a brilliant idea because most of the people try their best to find their mobile because mobile is the major source of data storage these days and people save a lot of important information on their phones. The importance of the mobile phone relates that how hard they’d try to find the mobile.

And if they found a good quality app, they’d definitely keep that app on their mobile all the time. Most of the times, people visit the handy orten kostenlos so that they can find their mobile but they fail to succeed. You need to develop the app in such a way that can help them find the mobile quickly and easily.

Password Protected

The app you’re going to build should be password protected so that the thief cannot turn it on and off. The password should protect all the functions of the app so that no one can delete the app unless they enter the code that was generated in the beginning.

Auto Installation

You should include the auto installation function in the app so that it gets installed automatically even if someone restarts the phone. There are some thieves that restart the entire phone to remove the passwords and other important information, therefore, you should connect this app to a cloud server to protect it from such attempts.

This autoinstallation process will help you track the phone even if the thief has restarted the mobile. You should also include the feature that will send a notification to the security departments if someone is constantly restarting the phone.

GPS enabled

The app should be GPS enabled which means that it should be directly connected to the internet. The problem you may face is that you won’t be able to track the mobile unless the GPS is turned on. You should include this feature in the app and don’t forget to include this in your terms and conditions. This feature will help you turn the GPS on from any location and the app would help you find the location of the phone.


The interface of the app should be easy and understandable so the user can apply all the settings in a short span of time. Most of the times, people delete an app as they can’t find the proper way to operate the app. You can even post a video with the app that’ll help user operate the app easily.