The Best Comedy TV Shows Ever Produced – Top 5

Everyone loves a good laugh, It is said to be the best medicine for the human soul. Among the best sources of laughter are good comedy shows. They leave you smiling and in a better mood with no much effort from your part. All you need to do is grab one from the store, get some popcorns or drinks, sit back and enjoy. To check out more TV shows you can go to Terrarium tv apk.

Below are among the best comedy shows ever produced. Even the grumpiest person wouldn’t be able to resist them.

  1. Friends

The Tv shows features 6 good looking singles in their late 20’s, living in New York City. Their silly antics tend to connect with the audience on so many levels. Funny catch phrases, hideous hairstyles, crazy scenarios, inside jokes and thoughtfulness all makes it pure comedy gold.

  1. The Office

It presents an outstanding ensemble of characters guided by an interesting storyline thus making one truly invested in it. Anyone working in an office will tell you this show is close to home. Whether it’s the manager’s amateur efforts to lead his workers or workers playing silly in the workplace, the show will leave you hooked.

  1. Seinfeld

When asked to summarize what the show is all about, one of its main producers replied “Nothing.”

A pretty funny response, right?

The show is also as funny. When watching the it, you get to understand what he meant by that statement. Unlike most shows that bring in emotional persuasions and have got a strong storyline, Seinfield focuses on only breaking your ribs. All its charaters are sociopaths and who with time, grow on you. Generally, the show is an amazing piece. Kudos to its creators!

  1. Brooklyn 9

The show almost seems real, and not some well rehearsed piece. Most of the scenes involved are inspired by an average person’s daily routine. What’s more, the show does not use laugh tracks, making it even more enjoyable to watch and personally find your kind of humor in it. Throughout its five seasons you remain intrigued by a great plotline and entertaining characters.

  1. Sunny in Philadephia

If you love adult and dark humor, then this show fits the bill. The level of consistency in this comedy show is quite remarkable with its characters exhibiting the most natural chemistry you will ever come across. The show mostly features four crazy friends who run a bar located in Philadephia, and can’t seem to get enough out of reveling in each others misfortunes. The fact that the show is now in its 12th season gives us a glimpse of its immense success.


All the above epic shows have received the highest reviews from viewers. They are:

  • Funny
  • Entertaining
  • Engaging
  • Unforgettable


It is not as a surprise to find one watching them over and over again. If you haven’t already, you are truly missing out on a good laugh; they are priceless! Be sure to watch them soonest.