The top technology advancements from Android over the past year

The android phones are popular all around the world as they come with several amazing features at very affordable rates. Now, even a poor person can enjoy the amazing features of the smartphones with the help of the Android. The Android has gone through several changes over the past few years due to the growing requirements of people.

There are many different versions of android introduced during this time. We are not going to talk about the entire history of the android phones because it may take a lot of time to discuss all that. We are only going to talk about the changes that were made to the Android over the past year. Everybody is aware of the Android versions that were introduced last year. So, we are going to talk about some remarkable changes that are made to the Android devices over the past year.

The Android is one of the major competitors of iOS, therefore, it the developers try their best to beat their biggest competitor.

Improved fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner was already introduced in the previous versions of the android phones but there were several drawbacks due to which customers were not satisfied with the performance of fingerprint scanner. The developers have now made major changes to the fingerprint scanner and they have improved it a lot. All the drawbacks of the previous version are now removed in the latest version and now you can keep your Android phone safe with the help of the fingerprint scanner.

Targeting more devices

The Android developers were previously running their operating systems on a particular type of devices but now they have started targeting several other devices. It means that now you can simply enjoy the amazing services of Android on your computer or laptop. Bluestacks is the most popular software that is used for this purpose. We recommend that you must consider downloading the Bluestacks latest version if you want to enjoy the uninterrupted services.

Switching apps

The Android phones can now be used to switch between two different apps that you are using at the same time. You need to double tap the home button and it will take you to the app that you were recently using. Thus, you can use two different apps at the same time without wasting your time.

Multiple app windows

Another latest feature that is introduced with the latest Android version is the multiple app windows that allow you to use the two apps together. It means that both the apps will be opened on your front screen and you can use them according to your needs.